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tiistai 20. joulukuuta 2011

Soft new scarf for myself!

All the autumn I´ve been making so much things for dolls or custom works, so I made also a nice and soft shawlette for myself. I went crazy in yarn shop in end of October and got lots of different colours of thin merino wool Malabrigo Lace. It was wonderful to knit and I´m sure it will be lovely to wear, it is so soft! And the ready scarf doesn´t really weight much, the skein of 50g was just enough to get it ready!

The pattern used is Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman:

It was my second scarf "knitted in English" and much more complicated model, so I´m very happy with the result!

Now also PukiPuki and Soom Fairy sized wigs!

Tiny little Minni (Fairyland PukiPuki) models this nordic blond little wig. The Puki sized wigs should be fitting also Soom´s tiny fairies, even still I´m not having one to model myself.

Minni´s cute little knitwear outfit is made by MaramBanu. Just amazingly tiny and beautiful work, can fully recommend her!  

Just couple of days left before holidays! Still so much to do, but I´m having a week off from work in between Xmas and New Year, and hopefully being able to relax and also make some fun ideas to become true.

perjantai 16. joulukuuta 2011

Ingrid (Irrealdoll Enyo)

My Irrealdoll Enyo in her first modelling job with a custom wig. :) I will be making wigs and clothing of this size for request as she´s not very common doll yet. But isn´t she a cutie!

maanantai 12. joulukuuta 2011

New wigs available in many sizes!

Hello again,

I have added some new mohair wigs in Littlefee and Pukifee size to my Etsy. There is to be PukiPuki wigs next, just need to get pics taken! In this time of year it´s so dark that even daylight is not always enough, which is quite frustrating while trying to take good photos. I´m planning on making a lightbox to see if that helps.

Below is my pretty little Omeliina modelling a nordic blond wig. The cute outfit is made by talented MaramBanu.

There is also a new arrival in the house, a lovely little Irrealdoll Enyo, so if there are Enyo owners looking for mohair wigs or clothing, I´m very happy to make custom orders for them, even still there wouldn´t be stock available, as the doll is such rare one.

My Enyo´s name is Ingrid and she´s a girl with a lot of attitude! I must say I´m really fond of artist dolls at the moment. I´d love to try sculpting my own dolls some day - not in resin cast, but maybe polymer clay or paper clay? I just wish there would be more time to try out all the nice ideas!

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