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tiistai 26. marraskuuta 2013

My first Kaye Wiggs girl!

I got my first Kaye Wiggs doll, sunkissed Layla, home last week. She is so precious! Can´t wait to find some time to sew for her... I made her the brown goat hair wig, it´s first I´ve made of this material and looks quite nice, but I wonder if I still will make her tibetan lamb mohair wig, it would make her look softer. But I love the natural look of this one, too.

keskiviikko 13. marraskuuta 2013

New cute wigs added in my Etsy! Welcome to take a closer look. I noticed that my Littlefee sized wigs work well for Lillycat Cerisedolls Manon, too. :)


tiistai 12. marraskuuta 2013

New dolls... :)

It´s been a great doll year, I have had chance to make many dollie dreams to come true!

Couple of pics of the newest arrivals here... They´re both gorgeous!

Pari (Woodolls Espoir)

Aida (Cerisedolls Manon)

sunnuntai 13. lokakuuta 2013

LDoll festival leftovers in my Etsy now! :)

Greetings from LDoll festival! It was such a lovely event again, to meet all the nice people and see all the gorgeous dolls... Definitely enjoyed every minute. :)

Here is pic of my table at LDoll - the side of little dolls was mine and for big dolls Immarre´s.

There is still a lot of mohair wigs and doll clothes available now in my Etsy. I already started and will list more in next days! Welcome to see up close. :)


~ * ~ * ~

sunnuntai 29. syyskuuta 2013

Preview #1 for LDoll festival...

Just wanted to share some pics of what I have made for LDoll... Knitted tunics with cute decorations for MSD dolls or Otherside Ibyangin. Also few made in Littlefee size!

Pattern is my own, and the photos are my own photos or found from google search in internet. Material is lovely combination of cotton, viscose and linen with gorgeous colours.


tiistai 24. syyskuuta 2013

Welcome to meet me in table 52 in LDoll Festival!

Welcome to table 52, "Jardin des Rêves" by SweetNeat Crafts and Minspiration! There will be many nice things for sale - mohair wigs in many sizes and beautiful doll clothes; sewn and knitwear.

Looks like we are in the very end of the hall, but don´t forget us. :)
The trip to France is so close now! I can´t wait - it is already cold and autumny in here and I miss some sun and warmth. Hopefully it would be nice weather in Paris and Lyon!
~ * ~ * ~

torstai 1. elokuuta 2013

And more new wigs...

My holiday is ending now - how fast time goes! But here are some new wigs added in Etsy, really cute and curly pink and soft lilac, and more colours to come.


perjantai 26. heinäkuuta 2013

New wigs added in Etsy again!

The summer has been long and lovely, but the time flies on so quickly! I thought I´d have so much time to do so many things during my holiday but it seems not to be so...

Well, I´ve got almost all my custom orders made though and now I´m planning on my sewing projects for LDoll Festival (in Lyon, France in October 5.-6.th).

Also I´ve made some wigs for Etsy and there will be many more added in next days. Keep checking if you find something for your likings!


I´m also happy as I got my doll cabin finally ready made and filled with my dolls. They´re so many already! But they make me smile every time I see them. :)

I wish you all to have lovely summertime!

* * *

maanantai 24. kesäkuuta 2013

Holiday announcement!

Holiday announcement: I will be away from home for summer holiday 25th June - 9th July and in that while I am not able to send any orders on, but will asap after coming back. I may be able to read and answer my messages though, as I should be having internet access almost daily though. :)

I am going to visit BlytheCon in Barcelona in 29th June, and taking this cutie with me! The outfit pictured is my donation for the event, I hope it got there in time! I am so excited, it is first time in Blythe-themed event for me and I hope it will be a lot of fun!

In Finland it is now the time of nightless nights - the midsummer sun hardly sets at all.

Have a wonderful summertime, everyone!

torstai 16. toukokuuta 2013

Amazing giveaway!

This one I must share, it´s so generous and wonderful. :)

Find out more in here: http://lantreduchaminou.blogspot.fr/

It has been already very popular but I wish luck for all of us - the giveaways always make me smile. It is wonderful there are so nice people among the hobby. I have though about own giveaway too. :)

perjantai 3. toukokuuta 2013

Holiday week!

Yay, holiday! It is indeed needed, the last weeks have been hard as my dear grandfather has now passed away after severe illness, and I´ve been busy with lots of arrangements in my work, too. So some of my waiting orders have unfortunately been delayed a bit. And there´s some more to come, as I´ll be on holiday for 4. - 11. May, so the Etsy shipping and answering mails will be delayed until I get back. Sorry for inconvenience it may cause. If I get in internet in there, I will answer of course. :)

When I ordered this trip in January, I had no idea it would come in this kind of situation, but hopefully it helps to relax and enjoy the spring. :)

And I have already bought the flights now to get to LDoll Festival in Lyon, France! But it is in October, still long time to wait...

keskiviikko 24. huhtikuuta 2013

Minifee wigs in Etsy

Once again, many new wigs listed in my Etsy! This time a lot wished Minifee size available.

Welcome to see if there´s something for you. :)


sunnuntai 3. maaliskuuta 2013

Shimmering snow

I had wonderful time yesterday at our lakeside cottage, it was a cold day but such a beautiful one! I tried to capture the shimmer on the snow. Here is my little snow monkey Maybelle (Jpopdolls Flying Monkey by DaisyDayes).

And this is the lovely Juny Camille (NobleDolls Rhubarbe hand cast by Asella). She is such an inspiration.

I love the blue and white colours in these photos, in the last photo there are the colours of Finnish flag. I wish there were more of these wonderful days.

perjantai 1. maaliskuuta 2013

New wigs added in Etsy!

Now many new wigs in YO-SD and as wished, also in MSD size listed in my Etsy! Will come more tiny wigs in next days, too, as well as more knitwear.

My newest model is Momocolor tan Michelle, such a shy and cute looking girl. Her name is Noomi. The Momocolor girls have a bit bigger heads than other yo-sd size dolls usually have, so she´s modelling for wigs that fit on Minifee or other MSD dolls.

I also wanted to try something a bit different, and made a punkish wig with shorter part in one side. I found it fun, how do you like it?

Welcome to see if there´s something for you. :) I still make the MSD and SD wigs for request, so if you don´t find what you´re looking for, welcome to ask if we could make one for you.

~ * ~ * ~ 

perjantai 15. helmikuuta 2013

A dream come true

Couple of days ago I got a doll I have dreamed about for years - Supia Rosy. I was thrilled of joy, even still aware that SD has so far felt way too big for me. I once tried with Elfdoll Soah but she was such a giant girl (she had the old type body which seems to be heavier than the new one) and I ended up with selling her away. But when I got a chance to get Rosy, I couldn´t help myself but bought her right away. It was such a surprise that she didn´t feel that much too big and I hope she would stay for long time home!

Here is Amelia! Her face-up was made by previous owner Aatos, by my wishes. I think she came out so beautiful.

Now I hope to find time to make some SD clothing too, though in SD size the variation of sizing is huge between different dolls. But for sure I´ll make something for this girl first, as there isn´t anything at home on her size...

Late happy Valentine´s Day for everyone! <3 br="">

tiistai 8. tammikuuta 2013

Wigs and skirts added in Etsy!

Now many new wigs and cute dresses listed in my Etsy! 
Welcome to see if there´s something for you. :) My new model is Momocolor Bonnie, isn´t she a pretty one.


~ * ~ * ~ 

Happy New Year 2013!

My new year started in a way I didn´t quite expect - just less than four days I had already two dolls and three bodies ordered... Whoops. Especially funny as I just thought there shouldn´t be any more non-planned boughts. And after that there is also a head on the way for the headless body.

But now I try to keep myself from buying any extra things... ;) We´ll see how long it will take to make a next catch... For my wishlist, I´ve been lucky having almost all of my dream dolls already, or to arrive soon, but still there are many wishs to wait to be true, like Dust of Dolls Appi Meel, and Leeke Ashley. I love so many artist dolls, that I am afraid there will be many and many more temptations... But at least these are nice temptations!

I wish for myself and you all, that this year would become a wonderful, prosperous and glorious time that we can think afterwards with smiles and grateful heart. I already feel that way for last year, and hope the same for the future!