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SweetNeat Crafts

sunnuntai 25. marraskuuta 2012

Dolls just keep coming... :)

I have lately been interested in many kinds of artist dolls, and I can´t wait to get some lovely Monster High customs home. I have been so lucky to get dolls from my favourite custom artists and am over the moon about them. :)

Another happy thing is I got a Jpopdolls version of Noble Dolls Raspberry and hopefully this girl will also arrive soon. My sweet Minifee Chloe will move the new home for this new arrival, but I´m sort of happy to be able to give up on someone to buy new doll - otherwise I would have too big collection! Having so many doll boxes around my home, I already decided to buy a doll cabinet for them, just to notice they hardly fit in there! Oh noes. I always thought not being a collector, but it starts looking like a collection to me now! ;) When I get the cabinet arranged nicely and all dolls inside, I will take a pic of it.

It´s such a horrible time to take photos now, and I´m already looking forward to the spring to come. I hate this time of year, and even the already fallen snow melted so it it pitch black here most of the time. The daylight is very low even in the midday, while those 5-6 hours in day the sun even exists...

But it is great time to prepare things for the spring. I hope to get a lot of nice things done during the long, cold and dark wintertime. I also have been planning to knit something nice and new for myself. But first trying to get my custom orders done, until I start. :)

New wigs and doll clothes added in Etsy!

Many new wigs and pretty knitwear and sewn clothing listed in my Etsy! 
Welcome to see if there´s something for you. :)


And more to add soon. :)