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maanantai 20. tammikuuta 2014

Azone girl arrived...

And now there is an Azone in the house after all... I couldn´t resist a chance to get a second-hand girl as it was one of my best favourites of all Azones. So here is Ex-cute Forest Bear Koron, which arrived today.

I am surprised and happy to see how wonderful she is to the last little detail, her clothing is awesome! But I have still to learn to get used with the anime face... That is not my thing at all. But she is so cute that maybe I will tolerate it for a while. :)

sunnuntai 12. tammikuuta 2014

Also Azone doll is on the way...

I happened "accidentally" to buy a little Azone girl... And while waiting her to arrive home, why not to attend to the cute giveaway I bumped in! :)

I found it here:

keskiviikko 8. tammikuuta 2014

Heavenly Kids by Chesca

These cute little button-nosed babies arrived yesterday and made me smile! They´re resin art dolls with painted eyes and no joints except the arms and legs move. Super cute! I had wished to get these cuties at home for ages until finally got them ordered.

This is the lovely packaging! Adorable cover art.

And here are the nakie little ones right out of packet! So cute!

Here they are being clothed in various pieces of Pukifee and Middie Blythe clothes. Only the green hat is made by myself, the others have been bought from various craftsmakers. Need to get something done for them soon!

I named the little sisters as Varpu and Inkeri. Varpu is the brown-haired one, and Inkeri her bigger sister with ginger hair. Can´t wait to take better photos of them!

New wigs in my Etsy!

Some cute little wigs added in my Etsy shop now, and more to come, if the bad internet connection lets me upload! 

(It is good chance to buy now, as unfortunately mohair´s price has again raised and I need to fix the prices soon a bit.)


* * *

maanantai 6. tammikuuta 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2014 for everyone! I´ve had lovely long holidays here, and have not been much home - also had not at all so much dolly time as I had imagined to have. I managed to make a face-up for Cissy, my M-line Minifee Chloe, and took some photos though. Here she is with her sister Cosette, which also is Chloe but with modded open eyes and A-line body. They look cute together!

Today I have been sewing wigs and hopefully will get the waiting orders completed soon. I´m waiting for the new mohair order to arrive, it seems like forever to come this time! I even wished it to arrive before Christmas, but no chance, I haven´t even got the customs info about it... Blah. I hope my customers are more patient than I feel right now.

I wish everyone will have a lovely year and all the dreams and hopes of us all would come true during this year. :) Hugs for you all, and keep checking my Etsy shop, I´m making some new wigs there, too.