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SweetNeat Crafts

perjantai 15. helmikuuta 2013

A dream come true

Couple of days ago I got a doll I have dreamed about for years - Supia Rosy. I was thrilled of joy, even still aware that SD has so far felt way too big for me. I once tried with Elfdoll Soah but she was such a giant girl (she had the old type body which seems to be heavier than the new one) and I ended up with selling her away. But when I got a chance to get Rosy, I couldn´t help myself but bought her right away. It was such a surprise that she didn´t feel that much too big and I hope she would stay for long time home!

Here is Amelia! Her face-up was made by previous owner Aatos, by my wishes. I think she came out so beautiful.

Now I hope to find time to make some SD clothing too, though in SD size the variation of sizing is huge between different dolls. But for sure I´ll make something for this girl first, as there isn´t anything at home on her size...

Late happy Valentine´s Day for everyone! <3 br="">