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SweetNeat Crafts

tiistai 24. maaliskuuta 2015

It´s time for GIVEAWAY!   heart

For 700 FB likes there are two gifts for giveaway!
First comes spring yellow Miffy bunny dress for a Littlefee or yo-sd sized doll, also fits loosely for Blythe (on a shirt for example).
And another gift will be a surprise that winner can wish in Blythe / Pullip / tiny doll size. This way there is chance for more people to attend. Hymiö smile
(Just the outfits included to the giveaway, not the dolls!)
To take part, like SweetNeat Crafts FB page and this post, share in your timeline and comment below to take part for the giveaway; please tell in your comment if you prefer Miffy dress or another for which doll.
I will count in also the Facebook comments (https://www.facebook.com/sweetneat.wigs).
I will draw two winners of all the participants and announce them in Monday 6th April! Good luck, friends! Hymiö smile

maanantai 2. helmikuuta 2015

Big update in Etsy!

 Finally a big update done in Etsy, and more to be added soon!

The start of the year has been such a busy time, but  hopefully there would be more time soon to use with my favourite hobby! :)

Ingrid here is showing some of the new things added, welcome to see more in


tiistai 23. joulukuuta 2014

Happy Holidays and New Year 2015!


                                    ~ * ~ HAPPY HOLIDAYS and NEW YEAR 2015 ~ * ~

My Etsy shop is closed for 24. December 2014 - 1. January 2015, but will open again then. I will answer messages and take orders when I´m back from holidays.

The New Year 2015 will start with many Blythe items and hopefully I will be then less busy to create more new things!

I wish every friend of mine a lovely start of 2015 and all the best. Thank you very much!


sunnuntai 16. marraskuuta 2014

Support the bjd artists Day #proBjdArtists

Today it is a good day for showing our love for the work of doll artists, against recasting.

This is my part of the event, some of my artist dolls standing up for the good deed.

You can see more here, and also add yours - it´s not only for one day to remember this important thing!




torstai 9. lokakuuta 2014

Resin skulls!

I´m sharing my table at Ldoll festival with Magistrum, which is a little company offering resin bjd dolls and props, plus art doll / small item casting service.

In our table you can find these resin skulls (5 white and 2 black ones) available for only 25€ / each. Such a great spooky prop for upcoming Halloween scenes!

You can find more info of Magistrum and his works in here:


The skulls are best for props for msd and sd sized dolls, but as I only have the smaller dolls, here are photos with my little ones.

White skull with Yo-SD sized doll. (Nefer Kane´s Mystery)

And Black skull with MSD sized doll. (Kaye Wiggs Layla)

maanantai 6. lokakuuta 2014

LDoll festival floor map!

The floor map is published, and here you can see my location, in stand A35, on the middle corridor of the hall.  Welcome to visit my stand at Ldoll festival 18. -19. October 2014 in Lyon, France.

In our table you can find mohair wigs and cute doll clothing by SweetNeat Crafts and handmade doll heads and skulls & info for casting service by Magistrum. See you there, friends!

You can find more info of Magistrum and his works in here:


maanantai 18. elokuuta 2014

And the giveaway winners are... :D

 List of the participants: 

1. Kotoko (Blogger)
2. Uraru (Blogger)
3. Emu (Blogger)
4. Kaisu Pyy
5. Sanna Snacko Halonen
6. Bla Blette
7. Maaria Vikström
8. Jonna Lylykangas
9. Kyrian Echo
10. Essi Mäkelä
11. Tina Åsten-Lundell
12. Gabriell Pietiläinen
13. Floriana Gilardenghi
14. Tarja Laakso
15. Suvi Kukanaho
16. Heini Turunen
17. Oona Savonen
18. Gerli Paju
19. Jenni Virmaranta
20. Maria Borisova
21. Melina Nieminen
22. Alma Lehto
23. Maarit Markku Nyyssönen
24. Julia Pitkänen
25. Liisa Ronkainen
26. Jasmine Aartolahti
27. Maria Aikmofobia Järvenpää
28. Maria Marquis
29. Aada Mikaela Moisio
30. Johanna Jalle Aartolahti
31. Gemma Haller
32. Sanna-Mari Miettinen
33. Teemu-Petteri Remes

And the lucky winners are... 

The Blythe/Pullip/tiny doll dress goes for 21. Melina Nieminen

And the Yo-sd / Littlefee set goes for 31. Gemma Haller

Congratulations for the winners! Please send me your address by pm and I´ll send your prizes on. 

(I seem to be in different time zone with the randomresult.com, in here it was 20.33 when made the draw.)