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SweetNeat Crafts

tiistai 24. maaliskuuta 2015

It´s time for GIVEAWAY!   heart

For 700 FB likes there are two gifts for giveaway!
First comes spring yellow Miffy bunny dress for a Littlefee or yo-sd sized doll, also fits loosely for Blythe (on a shirt for example).
And another gift will be a surprise that winner can wish in Blythe / Pullip / tiny doll size. This way there is chance for more people to attend. Hymiö smile
(Just the outfits included to the giveaway, not the dolls!)
To take part, like SweetNeat Crafts FB page and this post, share in your timeline and comment below to take part for the giveaway; please tell in your comment if you prefer Miffy dress or another for which doll.
I will count in also the Facebook comments (https://www.facebook.com/sweetneat.wigs).
I will draw two winners of all the participants and announce them in Monday 6th April! Good luck, friends! Hymiö smile

4 kommenttia:

  1. I just shared the post on Facebook in order to participate. I'm Carol Garcia Pere there ^_^ I wish I can win a dress for my Pukifees!

  2. Congratulations for your giveaway. :D

    I tagged you in Liebster Award, if you have time you can fill the questions, I would be happy to read your answers. :)


  3. http://nukkekakkuchu.blogspot.fi/2016/01/liebster-awards.html
    Minäkin tagasin sinut blogissani :3 häätyykin käydä katsomassa facesivuasi <3