SweetNeat Crafts

SweetNeat Crafts

torstai 16. toukokuuta 2013

Amazing giveaway!

This one I must share, it´s so generous and wonderful. :)

Find out more in here: http://lantreduchaminou.blogspot.fr/

It has been already very popular but I wish luck for all of us - the giveaways always make me smile. It is wonderful there are so nice people among the hobby. I have though about own giveaway too. :)

perjantai 3. toukokuuta 2013

Holiday week!

Yay, holiday! It is indeed needed, the last weeks have been hard as my dear grandfather has now passed away after severe illness, and I´ve been busy with lots of arrangements in my work, too. So some of my waiting orders have unfortunately been delayed a bit. And there´s some more to come, as I´ll be on holiday for 4. - 11. May, so the Etsy shipping and answering mails will be delayed until I get back. Sorry for inconvenience it may cause. If I get in internet in there, I will answer of course. :)

When I ordered this trip in January, I had no idea it would come in this kind of situation, but hopefully it helps to relax and enjoy the spring. :)

And I have already bought the flights now to get to LDoll Festival in Lyon, France! But it is in October, still long time to wait...