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SweetNeat Crafts

torstai 27. lokakuuta 2011

Lots of things added to my Etsy - go to see! :)

After LDoll I have listed a lot of things to my Etsy shop - and there´s still more to come. Keep checking, if you´re interested.

There are already Littlefee wigs in several colours, and Littlefee dress & bolero sets, dresses, and reduced price in new and old knitwear!

Pukifee and PukiPuki wigs will be listed soon, and also there´s coming the rest of the doll jewellery left from the festival.

New items in my Etsy now are postcards and stickers of my doll photos! They´re just a test lot, so go pick your favourite before they´re gone. :)

I hope there´s something for someone! And if there´s special wishes, please ask and I´m happy to help you if possible.

Welcome: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetNeat

Greetings from LDoll Festival

LDoll Festival is over, and such a wonderful event it was! I was happy to be able to attend there and meet all the nice people. My favourite thing was to meet the doll artists, talk with them and see their lovely creations.

This little cutie, Otherside Ibyangin made by Zun, arrived home with me. Her name is Molli, and here she is exploring her new homeland. I think she is such an adorable little doll!

She is about 31cm tall, wears 8/9" wig and is heavy to hold, in lovely way. I have made her face-up and clothing, wig and eyes are from Leeke.

lauantai 1. lokakuuta 2011

Postcards arrived!

Today I´ve been packing the ready products like these little woollen sweaters for Petite and Tiny dolls! There´s going to be lots of different things in affordable price. Our sales table is called Talent Collectible Finland and there´ll be lots of things for all sizes of dolls, from several craftsmakers. :)

I got a small lot of postcards of my own photos, to sell in LDoll Festival, along with doll clothing and jewellery. Behind there´s a disclaimer text telling that dolls are made by Fairyland.

Welcome to see yourself in Lyon, France in 8th-9th October! It´s already next weekend, yay! :)