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sunnuntai 18. syyskuuta 2011

Getting ready for LDoll...

Such a nice surprise, my photo got in the "Freedom" -themed photography contest in LDoll, the doll festival to be in few weeks in Lyon, France!

I took this pic in summer, just for the contest. It was quite a challenge to keep the doll safely in the floating boat, not to mention keeping my camera safe and dry when I was up to my bust in the lake myself! But I think the pics came out cute, it was hard to choose which one to become the contest entry. Omeliina was such a good girl and didn´t take a swim on this trip! :)

In my opinion, the very meaning of freedom is to be alone in middle of the nature, for example on the serene lake before the sunset, listening the quietness and your own thoughts, along with the voice of birds and nature itself. It gives a strong feeling of peace and happiness, which comes to my mind first when mentioning the word freedom. In Finland summer nights are long and light, also this pic was taken late at night, which you couldn´t see from the photo.

The other entries were also beautiful and gave lots of thoughts by their subjects. You can see all the 20 finalist photos here: http://ldollfestival.com/en/en_c_photo.htm