SweetNeat Crafts

SweetNeat Crafts

maanantai 29. maaliskuuta 2010

Petite sweaters

In last week I´ve been knitting a lot, mostly these cute woollen sweaters for the Petite sized bjd:s. They fit nicely on Fairyland LittleFee doll, Soom tinies, Yo-SD and similar sized dolls.

See them for sale in my Etsy, or ask for a custom sweater colored by your wish! Also different model or size available, let me know what you´d wish to get.

Dolls from left:
Tilhi (Plastic Flower Misty),
(Littlefee Leah),
(Littlefee Bisou)
Menni (Littlefee Ante)

sunnuntai 28. maaliskuuta 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

Greetings from Finland, please feel welcome to read my new blog!

I made it to show you my handicrafts and things I sell in my SweetNeat Etsy shop, but also to tell something about my daily life, interests and thoughts. Big part of this blog are my sweet little dolls, which you will get known in this blog, too.


Warmly welcome to my Etsy shop!

There you will find mostly knitwear and sewn clothing for Petite and Tiny sized ball jointed dolls, I also make custom clothing by your wishes, also different dolls. Please ask, if there´s something you´d like to get in different colour or model, I´ll be very likely able to make you what you wish for. I also make tibetan mohair wigs for small dolls.

All patterns I use are made by myself.

Nice to meet you! And I hope to see you again!

Sanna ~*~ SweetNeat