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SweetNeat Crafts

maanantai 30. tammikuuta 2012

New wigs listed to Etsy!

Nice sunny day, again totally freezing, close to -30 celcius degrees... But I got taken some pics and listed new wigs in natural colours for sale. More to come soon. :)

Welcome to have a closer look to:


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sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2012

Freezing cold day

Ingrid (Irrealdoll Enyo) was exploring the snowy forest with me today. I´ve been knitting tiny little sweaters of multicolored yarn in last week, there are some in Enyo size going to be listed on Etsy soon.

Today was a wig-sewing day, and there will be many Littlefee and Pukifee wigs to be added to Etsy tomorrow or right after I get taken pics of them. 

The sewn clothing are also getting on progress. Hopefully to get done already soon. :)

Happy starting week for you all!

torstai 19. tammikuuta 2012

Mohair wig custom orders taken in! :)

The January mohair order took six days to arrive (the best time so far), but the December´s order 30 days. Well, at least it arrived! I wonder if it was found because couple of days ago I left a notice of missing mail to Post Office or would it have arrived today anyway?

But, if you wish to have a custom order wig, here are the colours available in stock at the moment. All of them are quite small amount, enough for some petite or tiny wigs or one msd/sd sized. Ask by Etsy private message, Flickr mail or in DoA, HL or Dollhouse forum messages. :)

Pure White (quite short and very very soft)
Light Auburn (extra long and luscious)
Dark Auburn
Golden Blonde 

Bright Orange
Dark Brown 


Yep, long it is, as you see. ^_^

* * *

New mohair arrived and more coming soon!

I have been quite frustrated while waiting the arrival of my mohair orders, as one package probably got lost in christmas mail rush, but luckily new order I made arrived yesterday and I´ve made a lot of custom wigs for the patient people in my waiting list. So, it´s no long time to wait anymore!

Some pieces I got this time were wonderfully long, maybe longest I´ve yet seen - this light auburn wig for Minifee came out lovely! Model is my sweet Filippa (Fairyland Minifee Chloe).

Now, keep an eye to my Etsy shop, if you´re intending to buy mohair wigs. There already are some, and will be more soon in next weeks! I ordered some nice fantasy colours too.


I´ve also been making patterns and planning on some new clothes. Hopefully will find soon time to sew them ready to show you! :)

sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year, all friends of mine! I hope you all had nice holidays! Tomorrow is first working day of 2012 and I´m preparing for it, but also sewing some orders I got while I was on short travel last week. It was so nice to have a little holiday myself, too. :)

While on holiday, I made a prototype of Enyo animal costume. It came out cute but needs some more work with the pattern. I like making wigs but would be so fun to get some new doll clothing to show you in this new year! So many plans and ideas, so little of time!

I wish you all as well as myself to have wonderful times with our favourite hobbies, friends and loved ones in this starting year. <3